The Gluten-Free chef, Brent Stoesz, is a professional chef with over twenty years experience in the restaurant industry. He is also gluten intolerant. When gluten intolerance and celiac disease became part of his family's reality, he put his expertise to work creating great tasting replacements for all the gluten-laden foods everyone missed. Combining those recipes with others requested by clients and friends has resulted in the creation of this book.

The Gluten-Free Chef: Cooks What You Crave is a tool kit to sucessfully convert to a gluten-free lifestyle. Its "no deprivation allowed" approach to cooking and innovative methods used, have produced gluten-free recipes that most resemble their wheaty counterparts in taste and texture. To assist with your meal planning, many recipes offer numerous variations so eating gluten-free can always be interesting and delicious. With recipes this good, the rest of the family won't even know they are gluten-free.

The nutritional information provided for each recipe is a great help to anyone who must balance other dietary concerns. Accomodations for other common food intolerances and allergies are also offered. The strategies offered for eating in restaurants, and labour saving tips for cooking at home, are insights only a professional chef could provide.

Brent Stoesz lives in Calgary, Canada with his wife and sons. His passion for cooking, travel and creative problem solving have all come together to create this book.


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